On February 17th, Steven Mckee and Steve Hicks led a session with teachers in Jakarta, Indonesia. Twenty teachers from around Jakarta attended the “proof of concept” session and took a knowledge audit regarding ICT skills and interests. The teachers provided significant input into the customization and redesign of the audit to make it more meaningful and accurate in the local Indonesian context.

The knowledge audit maps a teacher’s ability and willingness to use technology in the classroom. Labtech advocates for an approach on data collection through reflective exercises such as knowledge audits. In the case of the Jakarta, participants were placed into a “Technology Integration Matrix” based on their responses and given insight into their strengths and weaknesses as well as an individualized plan for their personal development. Aggregated data is passed on to decision-makers to enhance their approaches towards policy.  Holistic approaches like this can help educational institutions get a much better return on ICT investment while simultaneously providing stakeholders with development opportunities.

Labtech thanks the state of Jakarta and all the teachers for their valuable insight and support in our endeavors!