As an employer; real profitable business is rooted in building and retaining a dedicated result oriented workforce that is ever skilled and productive. In the current rapidly evolving business world, corporations need to constantly reinvent themselves and their business processes by imbibing new technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

O’Hara offers your organization a perfect combination of the best trainers, the latest technologies and products, and customized content. All these are delivered using the most contemporary training platforms to leverage two important resources - knowledge and human capital. For corporate clients our Training services include:

  • Training Need Analysis (TNA) to identify training requirements of individual staff.
  • Customized courses designed to address specific corporate training requirements.
  • Training across our network of centers throughout the country.
  • Onsite training on request.
  • Skills validation and certification, both for existing staff and new recruits.

All training is carried out by our internationally certified trainers in ambient surroundings. We also cater to special requests for provision of refreshments and meals during our full-day training sessions.